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Address: 2 Mimi Street, Oatley
Phone: 9580 6112
Email: oatley@jennyskindy.com.au
Centre Director: Sandra McIlveen
Opening Hours: 7.30am to 6.00pm

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Centre Overview

Jenny’s Kindergarten & Early Learning Oatley is located on Mi Mi St in the leafy township of Oatley, and is about a ten minute walk from Mortdale Railway station.

We are a custom built modern centre with large rooms and outdoor play spaces which offer children endless opportunities to explore the natural world around them .

Our educators are passionate and dedicated to the field of early childhood education offering high quality care and education, where children’s learning is fostered by planning experiences for them which are based on their interests and strengths. Play based learning is promoted through following the national Early Years Learning Framework. For our children who are nearing school age, a school readiness program is implemented within various play experiences and environments promoting pre literacy, pre numeracy, social skills and independence. At Jenny’s Kindergarten, family involvement along with links with the community are promoted on a regular basis within our daily experiences and programs.

Centre Director
Sandra McIlveen

My name is Sandra McIlveen and I am the Centre Director at Jenny’s Kindergarten and Early Learning Oatley.

I have worked at Jenny’s Oatley for the past 7 years as both Room Leader in the 3-5 room and Centre Director. I have worked in the childcare industry for 11 years and have a Diploma in Children’s Services and am currently completing my Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood.

My love and passion for childcare began when my daughter gained a traineeship with Jenny’s Kindergarten in 2004. After doing casual work at the centre, I realised the love I have for working with children and the enjoyment I receive from watching them grow and learn. I became a room assistant at Jenny’s in the 3-5 room and so my journey began with the Jenny’s team.

I grew up in the St George area before moving to Sydney’s South West in 1980 where I brought up my family. I have 2 children, a daughter, who still works for Jenny’s Kindergarten, a son and I am the proud grandmother to my 2 year old grandson. I enjoy gardening and have loved playing sport over the years such as basketball, indoor cricket, athletics and tennis.

My goals are to continue the high quality of care and education provided at Jenny’s Oatley by caring and enthusiastic educators and developing strong, happy relationships with all of our wonderful families ensuring positive outcomes for the children who attend our centre.

I welcome you to visit Jenny’s Kindergarten Oatley and look forward to meeting you.

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