Mount Annan

Jenny’s Kindergarten & Early Learning

Mount Annan

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Address: 4 Adriana Street, Mount Annan
Phone: (02) 4647 2422
Centre Director: Jade Skarstrom
Opening Hours: 7.00am to 6.00pm

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Centre Overview

Jenny’s Kindergarten & Early Learning Mount Annan is a long day care Centre in a serene location opposite a family friendly reserve. We pride ourselves pride on the wonderful partnerships that we have with our families and our connections with our local community. We have experienced and passionate educators who provide a loving and caring environment for the children and their families. Our environment provides opportunities for the children to develop to their full potential and we have a well established transition to school program.

Centre Director
Jade Skarstrom

Jade, Miss

My name is Jade Skarstrom and I am the Centre Director at Jenny’s Kindergarten & Early Learning Mount Annan.

Since completing my Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood) at the University of Western Sydney in 1999 I have been employed in various long day care centres, holding different roles allowing me to gain many years experience working with all ages between 6 weeks and 6 years. This experience has further provided me with many opportunities to guide and support development in the preparation for the transition to big school. I have worked closely with the local primary school assisting in establishing a transition to school program with them that still continues to this day.

After several years as an early childhood teacher I was keen to take on more of a leaderships role in the Early Childhood field. Since 2009 I have been the Centre Director at Mount Annan, this role has given me the opportunity to further my skills within the field and be the leader and mentor to my wonderful team of educators, my beautiful children and the wonderful families that we are very lucky to have at our centre.

Along the way I have been very busy completing courses on a range of topics to extend and further my knowledge and skills. I hold a St Johns Senior First Aid Certificate, Anaphyaxis Training and Emergency Asthma Management certificates.
I look forward to continuing the high quality education that we provide and always working towards bigger and better achievements.

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