Gregory Hills

Jenny’s Kindergarten & Early Learning

Gregory Hills

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Address: 87 Lasso Road, Gregory Hills
Phone: (02) 4623 1913
Centre Director: Lisa Nocera
Opening Hours: 6.30am to 6.30pm

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Centre Overview

Welcome to Jenny’s Kindergarten and Early Learning Centre, Gregory Hills. Our new state of the art Centre is located in the new and luxurious suburb of Gregory Hills. This up and coming area has us located close to local schools, shopping centres and playgrounds for young families to enjoy.

Our bright and spacious new Centre is made up of six separate rooms, offering the highest quality of care and Early Childhood Education for children aged from six weeks to six years of age.  Our opening hours allow families the flexibility to suit the needs of their family. 

Throughout the day children will engage within the six key learning areas.  These include language & literacy, scientific thinking, mathematical thinking, art, music and movement, also social and emotional development. Our daily curriculum is tailored to meet the developmental needs and interests of each child individually, while also encouraging children within a group environment.  Our outdoor area is large, spacious and allows children to explore the natural environment.  We have many large fixed objects which create an amazing feature for our service.

We also have a specific Jenny’s Kindergarten Transition to School Program which is run in our preschool room throughout the whole year. This program has been developed by Early Childhood Teachers and has been designed to ensure that children are well equipped and ready for a smooth Transition into their first years of primary school.

While our Centre offers children the opportunity to explore the use of technology within our curriculum, we also strive to implement and practice a high level of sustainability within our service, encouraging the children to think about the environment on a daily basis. 

Our team at Jenny’s Kindergaten, Gregory Hills are experienced, highly qualified and come from various backgrounds.  We all look forward to meeting you and welcoming your family into our Centre. 


Congratulations to Gregory Hills who recently underwent assessment and rating and has been awarded EXCEEDING!

It is a true testament to the hard working dedicated Educators.

Centre Director 
Lisa Nocera

My name is Lisa Nocera and I am the Director at Jenny’s Kindergarten and Early Learning Gregory Hills. I grew up at Liverpool and went to Liverpool West Public School moving on to Casula Secondary College where I completed my HSC in 1993.

Being the third of seven children I’ve always loved being the teacher in our family so it seemed fitting for me to pursue a career in childcare. I am a devoted wife and mother of two children, Joshua 14 and Tiana, 10. My passion for teaching spans over a period of twenty two years completing my Associate Diploma in Child Studies in 2000 at Miller Tafe. I have taught at various centres in the Liverpool, Fairfield, Bankstown and Campbelltown areas and have found my place here in the Jenny’s family since April 2015.

Starting as a Senior Room Coordinator I have continued my passion for mentoring our staff to excel and promoting our premium quality care to the local community. This granted me the position of Centre 2IC and Acting Director. In 2017 I was given the wonderful opportunity to be handed over the Director’s position on a full time basis. I’ve continued to provide a premium service where families, children and staff are all supported equally. I am enjoying this role immensely and feel personally and professionally fulfilled knowing that our families are all happy with the service we provide them. Being big on family, together we are all one big family at Jenny’s Kindergarten and Early Learning Gregory Hills and with this I will continue to strive to do my very best for all in our ever-growing community.