News Flash – Padstow

News Flash – Padstow

date June 8th, 2018 author placeNews

This week the children in Lullaby Lane have been working on becoming familiar with shapes and colours within the room , focusing on using their hand and eye coordination skills to explore the great sensory experiences that he educators planned for them. The babies have eagerly enjoyed exploring the new activities and becoming familiar with the different activities .

In Activity Avenue Miss Alex and Miss Sharlena have enjoyed exploring volcanoes with the children, it has all been about messy play with the children this week and everyone has enjoyed getting their hands dirty and exploring! They also introduced a new friend into the classroom “ Mr coco pop” who is our classroom Travelling buddy. Each week he goes home with a new friend and the children are experiencing turn taking with Mr coco pop, Families are encouraged to take photos with Mr Coco pop and share them with the class at the end of the week! We can’t wait to see what Mr Coco Pop gets up to over the long weekend!

In Discovery Drive , we have started our new focus on Animals! The children are showing increasing interest in Animals and are becoming familiar with different animals, the sounds they make as well the different colours that they may come in! We also have shown a great interest in musical instruments and expressing themselves to different types of music it’s great to see the children move their bodies and express themselves .

This week in the Pre K the children have been focusing on  the letter G! we have been discussing what things begin with the letter G, children show understanding in the letters of the alphabet and are really enjoying the Letter discussions !  We are also becoming more familiar with the days of the week and becoming more confident in our sequencing!

It’s been a great week here at Padstow, wishing everyone a very happy long weekend!