News Flash – Hurstville

News Flash – Hurstville

date October 12th, 2018 author placeNews

Pre-kindy room:

During this week, the pre kindy room were very enthusiastic during group calendar time with singing month of the year, seasons of the year and days of the week songs. Also continuing on with our creepy crawlies discoveries, the children created their very own caterpillar. They drew very colourful caterpillars on a piece of paper and then put their own names on it  once they were finished. During this week, we introduced Zumba to the pre-kindy children, Zumba is a combination of dancing and aerobics, this initiates the children to become active and also connect with their body, soul and mind. The children enjoyed so much as they started with stretch ups and then all the movements from easy to a little bit more complex.

Echidna’s room and Koala room:

This week is very wet, the children were intrigued by the weather. The educator planned many experiences about weather. Such as what do you wear on the rainy day? How do you feel when it is raining? The children created and an umbrella in the rain. Sang songs about the rain. The most exciting experience was the children went for a walk in the rain with the umbrellas.

During this week, the children practiced counting using their fingers and objects, we also reviewed colours and shapes during group time.