News Flash – Hurstville

News Flash – Hurstville

date June 29th, 2018 author placeNews

Pre-Kindy 4-5

Dinosaurs exploration
This morning we continued exploring this topic by researching how to make bones. We observed different ways and recipes and the majority of children found that bones made out of paper mâché was a good idea and the best part was that we had all the ingredients.
A group of children joined the art table, we got the materials ready and children started working on this project. They observed some pictures of different shapes and bones then they got some help to draw and cut the cardboard then they started getting their hands on the project, using toilet paper and dipping this in the special glue and then placing this wet material on the cardboard. 

After the enthusiasm showed by the children for making bones. Educator decided to set the art studios and all the materials to continue extending on this interest. Children were invited to observe some pictures of skeletons and they decided what they wanted to do. Today most of the children opted for the ferocious T-Rex and with a lot of attention to detail they engaged in this experience.

Koalas 0-3

Today we kept creating slime to explore and expand their development of sensory skills! Micah, Angie and Laura loved the experiment, they love exploring the new senses of feeling!  Throughout the week the children have continued to extend on their sensory skills with their educators, playing in the sand, with soil and even enjoying the sensory play with shaving cream.

Echidna 3-4

The children enjoyed a range of experiences in the room, during group time, they sang songs and read a story book. Everyone involved in painting experience, they all created art works with pink and orange paint. 
The children really enjoyed free play as they can decided what to play. The children explored animals in the nature corner, they’re both interested in shark so much, they made sharks jump into the water again and again and laughed together. 
the children also interested in puzzles and shape match. Some of the children were busy cooking in the home corner, they made teas for everyone as well as they made fruit salad for each other and said:”Fruit is very good for you.” 
some of the children then played mobiles they created unique cars and trains and raced them on the mat. 
The children also participated in play floor puzzle, lego blocks, drawing an d cutting experiences.

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