News Flash – Gosford

News Flash – Gosford

date March 8th, 2019 author placeNews

Cubs Room –

This week the Cubs are focusing on their shape identification, exploring different shapes when stamping them into play dough and completing shape puzzles. The cubs are also enjoying the home corner in which there has been different cooking utensils placed into the area to allow them to engage in dramatic play. During our morning routine we are focusing on munch and move, harmony week hand prints and the sensory area.

Lions Room –

This week the lions have been interested in shapes which has stemmed from their 12 week long colour project (a colour a week).  Through this focus they have also explored their sensory development, numeracy and literacy skills.

Pre K Room –

This week Pre K are discovering Bees and learning about the way they live, their life cycle, their habitat and how they work as a team. We are busy making bee hives and bumble bees. 

We are also discussing our Urban Kindy trip and getting excited about our visit to the local library.