News Flash – Gosford

News Flash – Gosford

date November 23rd, 2018 author placeNews

Finger painting

As Christmas is creeping up on us, the Cubs have begun to create Christmas craft!

We started by tracing our hands, Bree then cut them out like cards. Offered was a small range of different coloured paint in a small tray. The children were encouraged to dip their fingers in each colour and decorate the cut out of their hand, creating a Christmas tree. During this activity the children were showing strong colour recognition as they named each colour as they used it! We can’t wait for the next few weeks to begin more Christmas activities through tour room!  

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Juice Making

This week, the Lions have been exploring our sense of taste with a juice making experience. The children were each offered a quarter of an orange and a juicer. They used their strong manipulative skills to twist the orange around the juicer, creating their own juice. Once they were finished juicing their orange, they were given a cup. The children used their developed fine motor skills to pour the juice from their juicer into their cup. When they finished pouring the juice the children investigate their sense of taste as they drunk the juice. We discussed whether the juice was sweet or sour together.


Sounding out words.

The start of early reading is phonics and Pre K have been learning the 42 sounds of pre reading. We have now begun sound out the sounds of words. We do this as a group but the children become so confident that they are now taking individual turns. It so great to see their confidence and elf esteem develop with their sense of achievement and success.

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