News Flash – Gosford

News Flash – Gosford

date November 16th, 2018 author placeNews

We welcome the return of Bree to the Cubs room as room leader. The children have continued body awareness and expressions of emotion. Our facial reflections in the mirror are priceless.

Our Lions have challenged their senses this week with many experiences including fruit, coffee and essences. The water trough became a sensory basin for mixing, squeezing and smelling the citrus vapours. Coffee was added to the play-dough for a different texture and smell. Wow, our room was bursting with aromas.

With our Student, ‘Jen’, in the Pre Kindy room,  we have continued our learning of internal bodily functions, pre writing and reading and cutting skills, as well as self help development. Urban Kindy was exciting with an impromptu visit with the Fire Brigade.


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