News Flash – Gosford

News Flash – Gosford

date June 29th, 2018 author placeNews

The Cubs are enjoying the music project, this week we have been creating shakers out of paper cups, the Cubs have used large brushes to paint their cups. When they’re dry we have had the Cubs assist in placing pasta in them and placing tape around the edge of two cups to stick them together. They love to shake them. Thanks Eva, Ashlee and Kiara

The Lions have been busy investigating bees this week. The children have all shown a strong interest in how bees make honey. To extend on this we engaged in a bee experiment. We used a glass of yellow water, a straw and our mouths to represent how the bees suck up the pollen from flowers. The children were all very engaged in this experience and thoroughly enjoyed eating some honey afterwards.

Pre K have been practicing and becoming skilful at mindfulness (being present in the moment and aware of what is happening and your thoughts and feelings.) We have been doing an experiment with a malteser, seeing what we notice about it, colour, shape, size etc. We then feel it and notice if our thoughts change about it, we then put it on the end of our tongue and see what happens to our body, what response it has. Finally we get to roll it around in our mouth and we see what we notice about the taste, feeling of the malteser, feelings in our body. The children have become very descriptive and aware of what is happening in their bodies.

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