News Flash – Gosford

News Flash – Gosford

date June 7th, 2018 author placeNews

For Environment day we created musical instruments out of recycled plant containers. The Cubs used paint and tapped chopsticks with paint on them creating a pattern on the paint containers and making music at the same time with the sound. We continued this on into the week with cardboard rolls painting on them and turning them into rain shakers. The Cubs are loving the different musical instruments that we are creating.

We have begun a project on Bugs and Insect’s this week. We have been exploring the different ones we know and how to identify them. 

The Lions have loved engaging in our Bug and Insect stamping art experience this week, making patterns with the bug and insect figurines.

This week we have been talking about recycling and what we can do to help our environment. The Pre K children have been very interested within this topic and have shown throughout their daily experiences their understanding of recycling and how we can help our environment.