My Sons have been and still are attending this wonderful daycare. The staff at Jenny's Oatley are beautiful, caring and compassionate to my children's needs. Both my children have ASD. The staff have gone above and beyond expected levels to not only gain knowledge on how to help my boys in their own personal time but also had extra staff made available to attend and respect their special needs without taking too much focus from the rest of the children, who are also all very happy and welcoming every time I arrive at the centre. Staff members greet us when we arrive every morning and offer cuddles to my children and reassurance to myself that they will calm down and have a great day. Sure enough at the end of the day, happy little boys greet me and photos are available to see what all the children have been doing throughout the day. How many times did you wish to be a fly on the wall to see how your children enjoyed their day, Jenny's offers just that! Always walk away feeling great about the time my boys had at Jenny’s and I can honestly say, it was a blessing that this child care found positions for my boys when needed as they are just brilliant and I will forever make sure they are apart of my Sons' lives as I know and feel the genuine love and care they have for them.

Yasmin W

My son Andrew has attended Jenny’s Kindergarten at Padstow since he was six weeks old. As a first time mum, placing my young child in care was difficult. Jenny’s staff were so supportive and caring that it provided me such a level of confidence and peace of mind that my son would be well cared for. Andrew has now been with Jenny’s Kindergarten Padstow for 4 years and I have watched my son develop into such a bright and caring child. I feel that the staff have provided Andrew the best start to a life of learning and love for education.

Judy, Mother of Andrew

A devoted team of professionals, who always go the extra mile and make your child feel special. It’s always lovely when Hailey arrives home after Kindy with a big smile on her face and singing a new song she’s learnt that day.

Niky, Mother of Hailey

Sebastian loves coming to Jenny’s Kindergarten, he is always excited and looking forward to playing with the kids and Miss Maria! The staff are all extremely approachable, friendly, willing to help and always follow up on any case. It’s just a very pleasant, happy and welcoming environment.

Mira, Mother of Sebastian

My daughter started at Jenny's kindergarten at Riverwood almost a year ago. We unfortunately have been through a lot the last 6 months and really needed help with our daughter. Yvonne, the branch manager, has gone over and beyond her duties to help us and we can't thank her enough. The girls working there have been amazing in taking care of our daughter through our difficult times, including the sudden loss of her much beloved grandmother. I can highly recommend Jenny's kindergarten at Riverwood.

Ayla Herskind

I am the mother of 6-year old Charlie and 3-year old Vivienne.  We have been at Jenny’s Riverwood for a little under 2 years.  We arrived after having been at our previous centre since our son was 11 months old and were concerned about the transition process for our children.
We needn’t have worried.  The kids seamlessly integrated into their rooms, due in no small part to the wonderful carers who did their utmost to provide a safe, warm and welcoming environment for both the kids and us. 
In just under a year Charlie has made leaps and bounds in both his academic and social development which stood him in excellent stead for his transition to “big school”, to watch him develop and see his confidence grow each day was amazing.  Miriam the lead carer in the 4-5 pre-school room is amazing, she is so invested in the kids under her care and goes to such a great effort to ensure they are school-ready and really listens and responds to their interests to ensure they are engaged.  Although our son has now moved on to Primary School, he still is part of the Jenny’s Family through the Before and After School Care program which has been a weight off my shoulders, knowing that although I can’t do the pick-up and drop-off everyday he is safe and well-looked after. Vivienne has also blossomed under the care at Jenny’s, from a reserved, slightly shy 2 year old to a 3 year old social butterfly and all around chatterbox, she loves Wednesday’s Zumba classes and has developed strong bonds with both her peers and carers and I am comfortable and confident each day at drop-off knowing she is under such a great standard of care.  The carers in all rooms are pro-active and will seek you out to provide regular feed-back as well as keeping a daily diary so you can see what your child has been doing all day and openly welcome comments, queries and feedback.
Yvonne the centre manager is amazing.  Warm, friendly and welcoming! She is highly-visible and believes in an open-door policy whether you have a question or concern or just want to stop in for a chat!  She is so accommodating with any requests or concerns you may have and will do her utmost to put you at ease.  She will keep you abreast of any developments at the centre via email and actively encourages feedback and truly believes in quality care which makes it a comfort to parents like me who want the best for their children.  Knowing Yvonne is managing the centre at Riverwood really assures me that my kids are in the best hands!

Yvette Kellehear

 I approached Jenny's Kindergarten & Early Learning Hurstville after viewing numerous other places, and i was instantly happy just on  the first appearances of the Centre and the friendly welcome by all staff. It has been the only place i felt comfortable staying with for my son. Bright, friendly, welcoming,  warm and clean, and my son gets to experience things  he wouldn't normally do at home and build important relationships that he wouldn’t otherwise have. You are truly a blessing and i love having all staff involved in his life. We wouldn't have it any other way. I would strongly recommend this centre to anyone looking for high quality childcare in the Hurstville area.

Kind Regards, Carly    

Carly, Mother of Jason

My daughter Lucia has attended the Gregory Hills Centre since it opened and is currently in the Giggling Giraffes room. I just wanted to say a massive thank you for everything you do! You are all so friendly, bubbly and seem to love what you do and the children respond so well to you all.  I think you all do an amazing job and am grateful for all your hard work.  I need to give a special mention to the gorgeous girls in the Giggling Giraffes room, Penny, Stacy and Holly.  All three teachers are incredible and hard working. The work in the classroom is great, so much artwork and hands on activities, I love being able to visually see what is being learnt so we can continue the discussions at home.  I feel so lucky to have such amazing people in Lucia's life, making it easier for me to leave her whilst I go to work and know she is looked after, loved and feels safe. The relationship between Lucia and her 3 teachers is so heartwarming, they genuinely care about one another. The Centre is amazing at celebrating and organising so many events and activities that involve the families which I try to get to as often as I can. You implement so many great ideas and involve children and the parents which I really value and appreciate.

Alannah, Mother of Lucia

Norah enjoys playing and learning at Jenny's Kindergarten & Early Learning Mortlake. The Centre's environment and resources are amazing, her teacher Linda is very perfesissional and helps me support Norah's learning and offers her rich and unique learning experiences. Linda also helps me to settle Norah with a lovely greeting and lots of cuddles when we come every time, that makes Norah feel safe and happy.

Mother of Norah

My little boy Oliver is in the buzzing bees room and he actually looks forward to going to "school". This makes the transition to daycare that much easier ( for him and me! ) The Centre is brand new, so modern and extremely well equipped. But more so, the staff are what make it even better. All the carers are so friendly and always have excellent feedback for me. I highly recommend Jenny's Kindergarten & Early Learning Mortlake. 

Mother of Oliver

As a first time mother I was very anxious about my son starting daycare for the first time. At Jenny's Kindergarten Mortlake this experience has been a pleasant one. 

The staff are always friendly and smiling. The Centre Director Rachelle is always welcoming and approachable at any time. I'm very happy with my son's teacher Ms Linda as she is experienced, enthusiastic and caring. 

Meena Mother of Aariz