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  • Jenny’s Kindergarten strives to provide for the needs of the children and their families.
  • The centre prides itself on providing quality early childhood pedagogy.
  • Jenny’s Kindergarten is committed to providing a service that reflects the needs of children, their parents and the community.
  • Our philosophy supports the various physical, economic, social, cultural and linguistically diverse families whilst also catering for any other additional needs.
  • The educators are a valued team, who work together to create an atmosphere of friendliness and warmth.
  • Open communication and respectful relationships between families, children, educators and the community is considered vital for the effective operation of Jenny’s Kindergarten.
  • Jenny’s Kindergarten use the frameworks principles to establish their pedagogical practices, believing in a holistic approach to teaching and learning.
  • We also acknowledge the importance of parent and community input and multiculturalism into our programs as well as the significance of keeping ongoing records for each child.
  • We believe in providing for the needs of all children to maintain comfort, hygiene and happiness.