Monthly Archives: May 2018

News Flash – Gregory Hills

date May 28th, 2018 author placeNews

The children at Gregory Hills have been busy little bees. We have been taking care of our gardens by planting new fruit trees and setting up our compost bin. The children enjoyed laying the sugar... Read More

News Flash – Gosford

date May 25th, 2018 author placeNews

The Cubs continued their babies project this week. Through documentation on our mind map we decided to explore some sensory experiences with foot print painting which later turned into a eating... Read More

News Flash- Mortlake

date May 25th, 2018 author placeNews

It was a busy week at Mortlake, during the month of May the children and their educators have been looking at Japan. Across the rooms the educators looked into the Japanese culture, furthering the... Read More

News Flash- Bathurst

date May 25th, 2018 author placeNews

We participated in the National Simultaneous Story Time by reading “Hickory, Dickory  Dash” on Wednesday. The children in every room across the centre gathered at 11am to listen to this amazing... Read More

News Flash – Hurstville

date May 25th, 2018 author placeNews

This week at the centre we went through assessment and rating, the staff started science and healthy eating project's with their rooms which will be extended and displays will soon be put up around... Read More

News Flash- Riverwood

date May 25th, 2018 author placeNews

This week we held the biggest Morning tea in support of raising money for Cancer research.  Thank you to all our families who either donated cakes, money or both.  We raised $172 which is an... Read More

News Flash- Mount Annan

date May 25th, 2018 author placeNews

We have continued to explore the henny penny hatching experience. The children have watched the chicks as they get bigger with some even starting to get some feathers. All the rooms have engaged in a... Read More

News Flash – Lane Cove North

date May 25th, 2018 author placeNews

At Lane Cove this week, we have been learning about how to be gentle with our centre pet Rabbit. Our children in all the rooms have been brainstorming all the things that our bunny needs to survive.... Read More

News Flash- Leichhardt

date May 24th, 2018 author placeNews

The Shining Stars have been focusing on music this week. The children have joined in and had a wonderful time using musical shakers and tambourines. The Shining Stars have also been singing nursery... Read More

News Flash – Gregory Hills

date May 23rd, 2018 author placeNews

This week there has been many discussions regarding healthy foods which has informed the children on the importance of regularly eating their vegetables and fruits!  Due to these discussions... Read More