Monthly Archives: November 2017

News Flash – Mortlake

date November 27th, 2017 author placeNews

The children have been very busy over the last couple of weeks at Jenny's Kindy Mortlake. As we head into summer and the weather is getting warmer it's very important we all know the importance of... Read More

News Flash – Mount Annan

date November 26th, 2017 author placeNews

We have been busy welcoming our Uncles and Aunties into our rooms. We were lucky to have many Uncles and Aunties join us for a morning of fun activities and craft. We all loved having you here and a... Read More

News Flash – Riverwood

date November 14th, 2017 author placeNews

We really enjoyed our Halloween celebrations.  All rooms had fun with dressing up and they enjoyed a great afternoon tea.  Our 3 to 5 years olds are having a fantastic time exploring our new... Read More

News Flash – Narellan

date November 13th, 2017 author placeNews

Over the last two weeks we have been very busy with our Christmas concert preparations as well as starting so many exciting Christmas craft ideas. During this time the Centre held Grandparents Day... Read More

News Flash – Mount Anann

date November 13th, 2017 author placeNews

We have all been excited watching as our outdoor environment went through the next phase of its makeover. The children spent time gathered around the windows watching as all the different workmen... Read More

News Flash – Gosford

date November 13th, 2017 author placeNews

Last week, Stacey attended a "Preparation for School" meeting where some great strategies were shared to further support children entering Primary School in 2018.  Information will be made available... Read More